Our Amazing Care Team

Meet our care team

At Loving Care Animal Clinic, the pets are the real stars, but the humans are pretty great too. Our team is made up of passionate, dedicated pros who are committed to providing the best possible care for your critters. With hundreds of dog-years of experience and a passion for veterinary care, we're sure to make you and your pet feel right at home. So come on in, say hello, and let our pawsome team take care of your fur baby.

Image of Kaycee

Kaycee F.

Kaycee is a 2021 Newaygo High School graduate and currently a Veterinary Assistant at Loving Care Animal Clinic. Growing up, Kaycee participated in 4H raising and showing animals of all sizes, and later became an assistant for an equine therapy program. She always dreamed that one day she would work in the veterinary medical field and feels so blessed to have the opportunity to do so. She studies topics in veterinary medicine and plans to further her career in the veterinary field. In her spare time she enjoys all the outdoor activities Michigan has to offer. She also loves her furry family River the rescued bait dog, Rinky the longhaired calico and Nala the little stray rescue.

Image of Corissa

Corissa K.

Corissa is a Veterinary Assistant at Loving Care Animal Clinic. Corissa is a Fremont local and graduated from Fremont High School in 2019. She has always worked in the community serving people; she worked as a waitress for 3+ years, but always knew her passion was to work with animals. Growing up, she always dreamed of working in the field of veterinary medicine, and in September of 2021, she made that dream a reality. Since then, she has worked alongside Dr. Avery first as an assistant, then as a Wellness Center Supervisor. She loves having the privilege to help pets every day. On her downtime she enjoys painting, snuggling with her dogs Luna and Beau, her cat Nita, and spending time with family and friends.

Image of Kylene

Kylene M.

Kylene is an experienced animal care professional who has dedicated 19 years of her career to the industry. She currently holds the position of Office Manager at Loving Care Animal Clinic. Kylene leads her team with a focus on providing exceptional care to animals and excellent customer service to clients. Born and raised in Fremont, Kylene has an appreciation for the community and a passion for animal welfare. When she's not at work, Kylene enjoys spending time with her family and pets. She and her husband share their home with their two children, seven dogs, and four cats, all of whom are cherished members of the family. Kylene's skills, experience, and love for animals make her an indispensable member of our team, and an asset to the animal care industry.

Image of Quinn

Quinn T.

Quinn is a Customer Care Representative at Loving Care Animal Clinic, where her passion for animals shines through in all that she does. With a lifelong love for all species, Quinn is the proud owner of cats, birds, chickens, and a turtle. When she's not at work, Quinn can be found spending time with her beloved pets, tending to her garden, or fishing the beautiful waters of Michigan. With her warm personality and commitment to exceptional customer service, Quinn finds her work in animal care to be incredibly rewarding. She looks forward to welcoming you and your furry friend to our clinic.

Image of Carla

Carla T.

Carla is a dedicated Customer Care Representative who always greets visitors to Loving Care Animal Clinic with a warm smile and a friendly demeanor. Originally from White Cloud, she takes pride in ensuring that our guests feel welcomed and valued. In her free time, Carla enjoys riding her horses and spending time with her two cats, one of which is 14 years old and was a bottle-fed baby. She is a loving mother of three and her children are the love of her life. Carla is not only passionate about her work, but she also values the relationships she has built with her colleagues. She is very close to Dr. Avery and they have been good friends for years. Carla feels blessed for the opportunity to work with such a great team and looks forward to welcoming visitors to our clinic with her warm smile and positive attitude.

Image of Joy

Joy N.

Joy is a skilled and compassionate veterinary technician at Loving Care Animal Clinic. She is known for her kind and nurturing personality, making her an invaluable asset to the team. Joy is a proud wife and mother of two young children and loves spending quality time with her family. In addition to her family, Joy can be found cross-stitching and engaging in home improvement projects. Of course, Joy's work as a technician is also a significant part of her life, and she takes pride in helping to improve the lives of animals.

Image of Jessica

Jessica K.

Jessica is a dedicated veterinary assistant at Loving Care Animal Clinic with 9 years of experience in veterinary medicine. Before joining the clinic, she worked at an animal shelter where she gained valuable experience in caring for dogs and cats. Her love and passion for animals is reflected in the care and attention she provides to all the animals that come through the clinic's doors. In her free time, Jessica enjoys being in nature and gardening. She finds joy in creating a beautiful outdoor space and tending to her plants. At home, she is surrounded by a variety of animals including dogs, cats, horses, a guinea pig, poultry, and fish. She loves spending time with her furry and feathered companions and taking them on outdoor adventures. Jessica's experience and dedication to animal care make her an invaluable member of the Loving Care Animal Clinic team. Her compassionate nature and expertise in animal health and wellness ensure that all animals receive the highest level of care possible.

Image of Tyler

Tyler F.

Tyler is a skilled veterinary assistant at Loving Care Animal Clinic with 6 years of experience in animal care. He is particularly passionate about working with dogs and cats and enjoys providing the best care possible to all the furry patients at the clinic. Tyler has a special bond with his pets, and he loves to take his dogs on long walks and spend quality time with his cats. His expertise in animal care, paired with his passion for working with dogs and cats, make him an integral member of the Loving Care Animal Clinic team. Tyler's dedication to the well-being of the animals under his care and his gentle nature make him a favorite among clients and animals alike.

Image of Erin

Erin R.

Erin is a licensed veterinary technician with a proven track record of over 15 years of hard work and dedication. Since joining Loving Care Animal Clinic, she has quickly established herself as a highly valued member of the team. Erin takes her work seriously and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care to her patients and their owners. She has a no-nonsense approach to her work, but is always kind and compassionate with the animals in her care. In her spare time, Erin enjoys staying active and pursuing her hobbies. She is an accomplished volleyball player and coach, loves to farm with her husband and playing with their two dogs. Erin's dedication to her work and her passion for animals make her a highly respected member of the community.

Image of Desiree

Desiree G.

Meet Desiree, a warm and welcoming Customer Care Representative at Loving Care Animal Clinic. Desiree is a proud pet parent to two adorable dogs, Bella Mae and Diesel, who she spoils with love and attention. When she's not working or caring for her furry friends, Desiree loves to indulge in her passion for crafts, sewing and racecars. She enjoys creating unique and personalized items for herself and her loved ones. Desiree is also a devoted wife who cherishes spending quality time with her family. Whether you're a new client or a regular, you can count on Desiree to greet you with a smile and ensure that your furry companion receives the best possible care.